KDcolle×CAworks Figure Festival 2022[Summer]
Spice and Wolf Holo Wedding Kimono ver. Special Edition
CLAMP Works Replicate Genga Art 32Items Set
Danganronpa Series Swimsuit
The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Raphtalia: Swimsuit Ver. KADOKAWA Special Set
No Game No Life Shiro Dress Ver. KADOKAWA Special Set

About EJ Anime Store

EJ Anime Store
EJ ANiME STORE is an official online store brand by KADOKAWA CORPORATION, where people living outside Japan can purchase official merchandise for Japanese anime, comics, light novels, and games.
EJ refers to “Entertainment Japan”, in hopes to deliver Japanese entertainment abroad.
We offer a variety of genuine products with high added value based on the keywords “limited-edition sales” and “overseas exclusive extras”, such as figurines, pillow-covers, products with exotic Japanese designs and much more.